Guadalupe (Para Tata), Mixed media, 2016

“Historias de Mi Madre” Capitulo 1: Mentiras de Amor, Fabric, yarn, copper, brass, 2016

I Am A Mexican, (Collaborative project with Jairo Banuelos and Erick Medel), Mixed media, 2016

Alimento, 18 ga. Copper and wood, 6x4ft, 2015

Esto es Oro, Bronze/Mixed Media, 2015

La Soldadera, fabric, loteria playing cards, recycled buttons and dried corn husk, 4’3″,2013


La Virgen Torteando, paper clay fired in electric kiln, 6x17x4″,2014


Casita Napal, fabric, bamboo, wood, and acrylic paint, 6x14x6″, 2013


El Bracero, paper clay fired raw, 8.5x8x5.5″, 2014


 Sombrero del Campo, paper clay, red iron oxide and acrylic, 12x9x14″, 2012


Alimento, 18g mild steel, 9.5×16″, 2014

Untitled, fabric, soil and string, 26×14″, 2015


La Corona, steel rod and wire, 7×6″,2014


Untitled, 12g mild steel, pipe, fabric and string, 5×6″, 2014